Network/Security Data Collector

The Network Detective Data Collector is a Windows application that performs the data collections for both the Network Assessment Module and the Security Assessment Module.

Additional Information

This download is a self-extracting zip file and does not require installation when run on client systems.

You may extract it to a folder or USB drive. Run "RunNetworkDetective.exe" to launch the GUI. Or run "runLocal.bat" to run a "silent" Local Computer Data Collection on the current system to output a CDF file.

OUTPUT: Network Assessment Output: a ZIP file containing the ".NDF" data file Security Assessment Output: ".SDF" file Local Computer Data Collector Option: ".CDF" file

Copy the file for importing into Network Detective application (or to merge with CDF files) to run the Reports.

This data collector requires .NET 3.5.1 to run.

If the target system does NOT have .NET 3.5.1, download the legacy data collector.
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